My wife and I moved to Stillwater in January 2016. We did not know a soul nor what to expect when we arrived. What we did know is that our son would require daycare with special needs services/therapies and how hard those could be to come by! We done as much research as we could prior to moving here but without having any connections a parent naturally has questions. We started him at the best place we could for the first few months and we survived, but after asking around to anyone and everyone we knew we needed to find a way to get him in the Child Development Lab because of his situation and needs. We were able to do so and we were excited that he would be in an environment that included others with similar stories. However, we did not expect a huge turnaround from him in his development. The CDL not only made him more developmentally capable, they made him a better KID! His ability to communicate with us allowed him to be less stressed and anxious. Six months in this program and he made more progress than he had made in the full 3 years of his life combined. We are now able to communicate with our child. We always say the CDL allowed us to be parents again, instead of feeling like therapist. When we received the email about the CDL losing funding we were devastated. We knew we had to do something, and planning of the Bowl-fest began. This event is based on a very successful event in our hometown. We knew with the support of the Stillwater community we could grow one here to provide funds to help the CDL continue to provide their services. We were blown away with the enthusiasm of last years event and look forward to see if grow in 2018 and years to come!

Zach & Sarrah Owens

​Stillwater Bowl-fest

How it all started: